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Welcome to my web-site.


I LOVE Photography, which is why I'd love to take your Wedding Photographs for a very reasonable price, starting at just £195 for my 'No Frills' Wedding Package - Click HERE to see full details about all my Packages. Click HERE to see samples of my Wedding photography, and HERE to see whether I'm available for your wedding. If I am available, click HERE to contact me, and I can call at your home, at a mutually convenient time and date, for a free, no-obligation informal chat about your Wedding photography.

I’m not looking to make a fortune out of Wedding Photography. I’m just looking to take some great photographs for people, whilst making enough money to cover my own costs (which include replacing my expensive camera gear that’s being worn out by taking so many Wedding photographs).

I live in Sheffield, (South Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom), and have been a keen Film photographer since around 1980, before taking the plunge into Digital SLR Photography in 2003. During this time, I’ve tried to keep up with as many of the ‘consumer’ advances within these related digital technology fields as my overpaid IT salary would allow.

I became a victim of the ‘Credit Crunch’ in 2008, when my ‘greedy global financial’ employers gave me a big bag of money, and a nice little pension, in return for me pursuing my fame and fortune elsewhere. I spent a lot of my big bag of money on some really good, professional photographic gear, and used all my new-found ‘free time’ to get to grips with it. Fortunately for me, that nice little pension I qualified for means I never NEED to work for a living ever again. However, I soon became bored with ‘never having to work for a living’... until, one day, I had a brainwave. Why not use all my professional gear and recently acquired knowledge to ‘pretend’ to work doing something that I love doing, and would do anyway, but without worrying about being paid large sums of money to do it?

If YOU need some affordable, professional quality photographs taking, then please send me a message, by clicking HERE.

Check out my ‘Portfolio’ page to see samples of my work, or my ‘Services’ page to see what I can do for you, and what you
can do for me!




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